Teenage Mutants: One of my "have-to-see" DJ's

One of my favorite artists that has one amazing track after another has to be Teenage Mutants. Every time I see a new snippet for an upcoming track or the completed version that is everything I ever want in a track. Bass line heavy, perfect use of subtle tones, and a stead flow that will make me put my hands in the air. Today I heard one of their latest tracks that due to release on 8/11/2017. "Concorde" is just another reminder of amazing these two individuals are. PRE-ORDER CONCORDE

I started to make a playlist of all my favorite but about 13 songs in, I realized I added all of their tracks to my playlist. No other words, I HIGHLY recommend you listen to all of their tracks. Every snippet, mix, EP, everything!

I was lucky enough to listen to one of their sets on July 2015, Afternoon Delight at The Standard in Downtown LA. I had listened to some of their tracks beforehand was anxious to listen to a live set and it was worth the way. I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon dancing with likeminded souls who know what they wanted that day.

Take a listen & let me know what you think.