So much music, so little time.

It's 1:50am and there are hours of music being neglected.

I've spent the last 12 hours of the day floating around the internet listening to one amazing song after another, but 12 hours just isn't enough. The amount of producers, music makers, magicians out in the world is never ending. Music is the the soundtrack of life, playing from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep but it's still not enough. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad situation to be in, but their aren't enough hours in the day. The internet has opened up a stage where everyone gets their chance and it's a beautiful time in the world.

Let's think about a time where there was no internet. When promoters would spend their times on the streets instead of in front of a computer. When the only option music lovers had to experience new music was to go to events. You're dealing with hit or miss shows that you thought sounded great but the promoter was just a good salesman and sold you without even hearing a note. You were reliant on CDs to get your music in the consumers hands. There were no play counters. You just hoped the CD you handed out would find it's way to the player instead of in the dump next to all those AOL free trials CDs. You had DJs covering up the names of their records so they would be the only one to hoard that gem. If you wanted good music, you had to look. You needed to be persistent. You needed to be committing to finding the sound that got you moving, grooving, feeling emotions off one melody that just you screaming Yaaaa! You're spending hours at the record shop looking for the sounds around the world cause you wanted it. The thirst was real. For the true music fan, the thirst is still there, but our methods have changed.

We are lucky to be in the time we are in and though the past is still special, we can't go back. No one wants to. Yes there are still records you can listen to but chances are you heard that song online first. Now we spend out time digging through Soundcloud profiles looking for those same special gems. The perfect song that grabs you by the heart like you're the one for me babe. Don't go top 100, look at the new releases. I may have fewer plays but I'm special. AND YOU ARE. Some random person you had no idea about could make the song that cuts right through. When that happens, all you can think is thank you sir may I have another.

The issue I face is I just can't seem to get enough so I keep digging. I'll find one release off a label and look further into the artists profile. Looking through their catalog, liking / reposting all their favorite tracks to spread the word. I wouldn't have been one of those DJs to hide their new finds. I couldn't do that to people. Yes it could've taken me hours to find these magical tracks, but there is no progress if we don't share. Every track I like today is shared to all my friends so they too can experience what I felt. Everyone has their own opinion but the beauty of having friends is there is a strong likelihood that you have similar taste in music. I've found hundreds of tracks because one of my friends shared it with me and because of their research, I've found the artist. Now I'm on their page looking at their other tracks, picking and choosing my favorites. But the fact remains that there still isn't enough time. I've got to the point where I schedule times to listen to certain tracks or mixes to get the full experience and absorb it without being distracted. Even then I'm still short on time. I've come to a single conclusion.