Over the past 2 years, I've always ended up at Exchange LA on New Years Eve. Last year I decided to go to Minimal Effort NYE which had some really great music, but no so amazing entry line. My buddy and I must have stood outside for over an hour before we finally got to go in, but good thing it was open bar. In an effort to make it seem like I was eager, I powered walked to nearest bar and took 4 shots of vodka and double fisted vodka / Red Bulls. Now it was time for some quality music. The only downside was the party ended at 3am.

You can't stop partying at 3am on most nights so you DEFINTELY can't stop parying on NYE. We end up taking an Uber to Exchange LA where we watching Sir John Digweed through down a monsterous set until 6am!

Without a doubt in my mind, Exchange LA is where I will be this New Years and I hope you are too. Ticket prices are still low but can go up at any time!

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For bottle service info, contact me through email or call / text 818-744-7129.

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