Where's Waldo Cosplay: What You Need to Know

As you sit there thinking of what to wear to your next event, a lightbulb goes off in your mind - I'll dress as Waldo! You look online and find the right costume that will be delivered just in time. You're good to go!

But wait, there are a few things you need to know about dressing as Waldo. Personally, I love dressing as Waldo and have a blast but that means you will. Here two things you need to know.

#1 - You will here "I found you" 100+ times

From the minute you step outside with your outfit, you WILL hear this statement throughout the night. Keep in mind this could be the first time the person has actually run into a Waldo so be as welcoming as possible.

#2 - You will take a lot of pictures

People will want to take pictures with Waldo. I mean wouldn't you? Whether it's a candid shot or a selfie. If you're someone who does not want to be bothered then you shouldn't be wearing this outfit. Don't deny someone a picture. Encourage it.

Remember, you're out there to have fun and so are the people around you. Nothing really makes people happy more than partying with Waldo. You'll be standing there having a good time and the person next to you will look towards, double glance, and immediately smile. That's the feeling that goes along with being Waldo, reminding people of their youth when they would search for Waldo through many pages filled with crowds of people.